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Chimes Newsletters

Welcome to the Monthly Chimes homepage. The Chimes is our monthly newsletter and will be available for download by approximately the 25th of each month. Below you will find two links:

  • Click on the NAME OF THE MONTH for the Chimes portion.
  • Click on the word CALENDAR for a printable calendar for that month. 

Monthly Chimes for 2017:

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November ~ Calendar

Articles for the DECEMBER newsletter are due by Wednesday, November 15 and should be emailed to Aimee Coleman ( ).  

NOTE: For the JANUARY 2018 newsletter the deadline will be a little earlier in the month of December because of the Christmas holidays...MONDAY, December 11th.


Would you like to receive a reminder to check the website for the Monthly Chimes? Become a subscriber to the weekly Bethany Bullet and a reminder will be sent to you each month via The Bethany Bullet.


What is The Bethany Bullet?

The Bethany Bullet is a free weekly capsule of worship highlights and big information that your brain may or may not have 'downloaded' from the prior Sunday. The purpose is to bolster you in faith, build you up in the key Biblical themes shared the previous Sunday in worship, to bring to mind the important issues on Bethany's plate and to broaden your awareness of opportunities of service to your Lord, your church, and your community. If you wish to subscribe to The Bethany Bullet, send your email address and name to Aimee Coleman ( ).

A reminder about the Monthly Chimes will also be printed in the weekly Sunday Chimes the week prior to its publication online and is also available as a link in the Bethany Bullet.


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