Youth Ministries


Youth Ministries


  • Club 35 (Grades 3-5) Youth Group
  • MSG (Grades 6-8) Middle School Youth Group
  • High School (Grades 9-12) High School Youth Group




Boys and girls in the 4th through 12th grades, who are members of Bethany Lutheran Church or non-members who participate in one of Bethany's education programs (e.g. Kid's Bible Discovery, Christian Day School, or Confirmation classes) are eligible to participate. 

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The kitchen is not just for cooking but for connecting! 

“Food cannot take care of the spiritual, psychological and emotional problems, but the feeling of being loved and cared for, the actual comfort of the beauty and flavor of food, the increase of blood sugar and physical well-being, help one to go on during the next hours better equipped to meet the problems.” - Edith Schaeffer 

Connect with one other while peeling potatoes, folding napkins, eating dinner or cleaning the dishes. Pull out these fun and unique Table Talks and enjoy the conversations that unfold as you spend time together.   







*Click on the pictures above to be able to download any of the nine PDF's of these Meaningful Family Table Talk Conversation Starters!



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