Bethany Lutheran School is fully-accredited by the National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA).

The benefits of NLSA Accreditation include the following:

For children
The highest standards of Christian and secular education.
Teachers who are committed to quality and improvement.
A school that is committed to ongoing improvement.

For parents
Assurance that the accredited school has been evaluated according to national standards of quality and found worthy of recognition as an accredited school.
Knowledge that NLSA accredited schools are quality schools, wherever they are found.
Opportunities to be involved in the evaluation and ongoing improvement of the school.

For the school
Recognition by a national, respected accreditation body designed specifically for Lutheran schools.
Knowledge that their participation with NLSA helped them improve their mission and ministry as a Christian school.
A sense of accomplishment by faculty and staff successfully completing the process.
Public acknowledgement of the quality Christian education provided by the school.

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