Extra Curricular Activities


Extra Curricular Activities

Suspended due to Covid-19

Webby Dance and Playsports are offered to each child for a separate fee.  Children may participate in both programs, which are conducted on campus, Mondays starting at 9am. 

 Playsports in learning, clearly disguised as fun! There are three components to each class:
1. Warm up--This part of class warms up the muscles and gets the children focused on the activities to follow.
2. A series of skills--Younger children learn skills from three or four different sports per class. For example: soccer (kicking), tennis (forehand hit) and baseball (batting). By choosing skills from multiple sports per class, the children stay engaged. 
3. A game--All games are designed to teach sportsmanship, listening skills, communication skills, teamwork, participation and confidence building. They also help the children overcome their fears of failure.

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Webby Dance classes combine creative movement and imaginative play. This class provides exciting themes such as Jungle Adventure, Down on the Farm, Under the Sea, and Prince and Princess. Children move to their favorite music and our fun props encourage active participation. This enriching program strengthens coordination and cognitive skills in a positive atmosphere.

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