Dress Code / Uniforms


Dress Code / Uniforms

The students of Bethany Lutheran School should give witness to their Christian faith and training in the manner of their dress and conduct. They are to use good judgment in the type of clothing they wear and in their personal grooming. Extremes in style are to be avoided. Hair, clothing, or grooming which are unusual enough to attract attention, or detract from our Christian educational program, will not be permitted. Neither should the student wear any type of shoes or clothing that might be a safety or health hazard.

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 Bethany's Uniform Vendor: Vicki Marsha Uniforms

Bethany’s uniform dress code:

• Encourages a sense of unity and belonging.
• Defines and provides guidance for modest and non-distracting student appearance.
• Reduces clothing-related conflict and stress within students’ homes, at school and among peers.
• Promotes a positive image to our congregation, community and potential new students/families.
• Teaches students that people dress differently in different settings, i.e. adults dress differently for work than for lounging at home.
• Promotes a school climate conducive to the educational process.

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