Adult Ministries


Adult Ministries


Most of our Adult Studies are currently on break at this time due to COVID-19. 

 *We have a Bible Discovery Resource page for you & your family to use during this time. Please click HERE to go the Bible Discovery Resource page of this website.


SUNDAY Morning, Afternoon & Evening: 

Making "Community Connections" through Prayer:  We are taking a break until further notice due to COVID-19.  This group normally meets 7:30-7:55AM every Sunday in the Conference Room.  When we begin to meet again, you are invited to drop in any Sunday and pray silently or from a prayer guide. God is powerful and mighty. He asks that we come to Him with our requests.  FYI all who worship and all who serve in worship service are prayed for as well.  - Pre-service Prayer Group


Lessons of the Day:  We are taking a break until further notice due to COVID-19.  Normally this study would meet every Sunday morning at 9:30AM in the Library. This study highlights the readings/lesson of the day.  


GriefShare UpdateWe are taking a break until further notice due to COVID-19 Due to the rise in Covid cases, I am postponing GriefShare at this time. It is my sincere hope and prayer that I will be able to offer it in the near future. Please feel free to contact me via email, text, or on the phone should you wish to share your grief with me...Grief about anything in these times. God's comfort to you and yours.  - Karl Fink,  



MONDAY Evening:

Men’s Bible Study Fellowship: 

  • Men's BSF has suspended meeting in person for the time being; HOWEVER...the study is posted online and we will have Facetime opportunities. 
  • You can learn more at the BSF website:   For me, this was a life changing study; in fact, the BSF bible study impacted my Christian walk more than other Christian endeavor. If you think you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me.  - Don Baldwin



Men's Morning Bible Study:  We meet on Thursdays from 8:30-9:45AM in the Gym during these times that we are in.  Feel free to bring a beverage, something to eat, and your mask to wear as we study God‘s Good Word, fellowship, & pray together.  We are currently studying the book of 2 Peter.  If you have any questions or concerns, kindly contact Karl Fink,  


Women's Thursday Morning Bible Study:  We are taking a break until further notice due to COVID-19.  We normally meet in the Parish Lounge at 9:30AM.  If you have any questions, please contact Meg Velez. You can get her contact information by calling the church office at 562-421-4711. 




Men’s Breakfast & Bible Study We are taking a break until further notice due to COVID-19 If you have any questions, please contact me. – Karl Fink,



Other Study Opportunities:

Daily Devotions for 2021: Reading the Bible in translation can be like “kissing the bride through the veil.”  In the devotional book Unveiling Mercy the author, Chad Bird, has crafted each of the 365 daily devotions to live the veil ever so slightly, to touch the skin, as it were, with the original language of the Old Testament.  Prior knowledge of Hebrew is not needed to profit from these devotions. 

Each day the devotions will unveil how the mercy of God in the Messiah is spoken from the very first word of the Bible, all the way to the closing chapter of Malachi.  By the end of the year, the reader will have entered the Old Testament story through 365 new doorways, looked with fresh eyes at old verses, and traced a web of connections all over the Scriptures that you have most likely never spotted before.  Join Pastor Seth and others on a journey through this book and through the veil in 2021.  Also, consider joining the Facebook discussion group ( where there will be conversation about each week’s readings.  There will also be posts from guest contributors who will share their own insights along the way.  You can purchase your copy of Unveiling Mercy at or at the conversation!  

 Need more information?  Contact Pastor Seth,  

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