For Parents


For Parents

Parent and Preschool Communications

Knowing that the preschool supplements the home life, a close relationship with parents is encouraged so that home and school may each benefit from cooperation, planning and understanding.

  • We invite the parents to view the classroom in action and have special days set aside for parents each year to participate. You and your family are welcome to visit the school and your child’s classroom anytime during the school year. When visiting, you are required to stop by the school office to sign in and get a “visitor’s badge”. Due to insurance restrictions and Title 22 regulations, only enrolled children may stay in the classroom without their parents present.  SB792 also requires that anyone who engages with children have a copy of the following immunization records on file in the preschool office:  yearly flu shot, measles, pertussis, and tb.
  • Our teachers want to become closely acquainted with you. When children are present in the classroom, teachers are required to give their full attention to the children.  If you need an extended visit with the teacher, it is possible to meet with him or her after the preschool hours or by phone.
  • Parent conferences are scheduled for a day in March. Dates for these conferences will be announced in advance and by appointment.  The schedules will be posted in the preschool classrooms.  Parents are provided with an assessment three times a year.  The first assessment is given in October as a skills check.  The second is given at the Parent Teacher Conference and the final is given in June.
  • A weekly newsletter and other important communications are sent home via email. One posted copy is available on the parent board.   It is also posted on our website and our app. 
  • Preschool parents are encouraged to take part in the Parent Teacher League with the elementary school parents.
  • We also have opportunities for parents to help with special days.
  • We invite parents to attend parent information nights, our annual Christmas service, parent workdays, and other special scheduled family days.
  • Important notices are placed in the paper folders with your child's work. Please check them daily.
  • We also have a school app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.  You can sign up for push notifications.
  • Families may receive phone messages and can opt in for e-mail notifications from SchoolMessenger each year.

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