Preschool Dress Code


Preschool Dress Code

We do not have a dress code in the preschool. We encourage children to bring a jacket or sweater that can be left at preschool during the cooler months. We also request that a change (or changes) of clothing be left at preschool in case of an accident requiring a clothing change.

All clothing should be marked with your child's name.

Children can, and probably will, get messy and/or dirty at times at preschool. Please send your child to preschool in clothing you can easily launder. While painting, the child often gets paint on their hands, arms, and any clothing not covered by our paint aprons. We use washable paint, but it can stain some clothing.

We appreciate you sending your child to preschool in clothing he can easily manage to unfasten and refasten when going to the bathroom. Suspenders, belts, "body shirts," bib-type overalls are all adorable and cute on your child, but can cause a bathroom accident if it can't be undone quickly enough!

TENNIS SHOES are best for playing in our playground. Open-toe sandals cause sand and rubber nuggets to be inside the shoe all the time; dressy-type shoes can be slippery.

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